12 Magic Principles

I got started in this business in 1970 and of course there is a learning curve in everything. I went to meetings twice a week without fail because I wanted to learn what the successful people did and what they were teaching. I heard many people tell their story and that was always inspiring. I also heard presentations about the business side of Shaklee and I decided I wanted to build a large business.

When I was coaching in high school as well as when I was a graduate assistant on the football staff at the University of North Dakota, there were various rules and principles for building a winning team. We worked daily on following these principles because they had been proven over time to be vital for success.

The following is what dictionary.com says about principles:

An accepted rule of action or conduct…..A distinctive opinion….
A guiding sense of the requirements of right conduct.


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It’s about one word

There is a word, that when we understand what it’s about, can and will make a huge difference in a persons future. That word is discipline. I’m sure you know someone who you might describe as being “a very disciplined person.” You probably say that because a person seems to make progress in whatever he or she might be doing (regardless of surroundings) or what people may say about them.

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You have a story

Faye and I attended the Regional Shaklee Conference in Long Beach, CA over the weekend.  If you are within range of a regional meeting I would strongly suggest you make it a point to attend.  Just putting yourself in this kind of environment is something that can inspire you to set new standards for yourself for growing your business.
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The truth is all you need

In and effort to attract a new business builder, some people tend to tell the story bigger than it really is. They embellish. they hype. They stretch the truth.  They tell a story that in most cases is not believable. People are naturally skeptical, so the hype turns more people off than it turns on. That’s because it isn’t what you say that counts, it’s what your prospect believes.

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Getting Started. Your First 7 Days.

Congratulations on your decision to build a Shaklee business. You’ve made a great choice and your timing couldn’t be better!

Knowing exactly what to do in your First 7 Days can be very helpful. Chances are your upline leaders have a Key Steps process for you to follow. If not,  feel free to download and follow the First 7 Days checklist you’ll find below. I recommend you print the PDF and check off each item on the list as you complete it.

The answers to a lot of your questions can be found in the FAQ document. Go to Categories/FAQ. If you don’t find answers to your questions on the FAQ, call your upline leader.

You’ll find some great Getting Started Tips as you continue reading in this category.

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